Darren Lindsey is the Head of Government and Public Affairs in Africa and the Middle East for Michelin, one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers and also the company renowned for awarding the “Michelin stars” in the world of gastronomy. Darren is responsible for the development of relationships across Government departments and various NGOs connected to the transport industry. He is also responsible for the global strategy of Michelin’s Safe Mobility approach which focuses on their products & services, their community engagement and above all investing in their employee’s safety.

In his capacity as an expert in the field of Safe Mobility, Darren has been instrumental in helping to build and maintain the reputation of Michelin as one of the world leaders in the private sector for promoting Road safety. In support of their actions, Darren represents Michelin on the boards of some leading NGO’s for Road Safety, including Roadsafe and the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP). He also represents Michelin within the UN Road Safety Collaboration Group (UNRSC) and sits on the advisory board of the FIA High Level Panel. In 2019, Darren was elected as the sole private sector representative on the steering committee for the United Nations Road Safety Trust Fund (UNRSTF).

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